Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monday + Tuesday = Ouch

Dear John,
This will probably be short. I'm tired and it hurts to type. We really need to Skype.
Today was Tuesday after a Monday holiday, and at work the days are additive. Monday plus Tuesday equals insanity. You know the goal is for me to finish processing the night drop deposits before 9:30, and that is usually no problem. Today I finished it at 11:30, and had a line of other things waiting to be done. The morning went fast - when Emily came to relieve me for lunch I was surprised because I thought it was around 10:00. Things reverted to near-normal in the afternoon, to the great relief of all.
You know my fibro has always been primarily upper-body. That's good, because I haven't had any trouble walking and standing like lots of fibromites do. But my hands and arms have been quite painful since Friday. I worked the drive-up alone that day, mowed Saturday, and painted Monday, so I expected discomfort. I'm trying to find my limits in light of the hand-and-arm demands of this job. I've been taking Motrin, and I've needed stronger stuff to be able to sleep the last three nights.
So stop typing, you say? And you're right. I'll give my hands and your ears a simultaneous rest. Thanks for listening so patiently every night! And please pray for my aching hands and arms. Sleep well, and know we love you.
Adore you,

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