Monday, September 22, 2014

Of Bruised Shins & Cat Shelves

Dear John,
If you come for a visit after dark, be careful coming through the living room. I rearranged the furniture yesterday. It's pretty much the way it was when we first lived here. The only problem is the cat tower, and its days are numbered. Not that Jethro is giving up his kitties! But the tower is huge and is showing wear-and-tear.
I've been looking for alternatives, and I'm leaning toward shelves. I wandered the internet looking at cat shelves and found some great stuff, but all very expensive. So I went on Pinterest and found loads of great ideas for very little money. Pinterest is becoming my new Google.

Of course, it won't be as elaborate as these pictures. I'm thinking of white floating shelves with carpet squares on the tops. I can arrange them on the living room walls so that the cats have a pathway of their own, up out of reach of the dog. And I'll have to put a larger one up, maybe with sides, for their food dish. That one REALLY has to be out of the dog's reach. I may link it all up with a shelf or wooden valance over the windows.

It shouldn't cost a lot. And I can start small and add on. As soon as they have a place to eat and a way to get there, I can find another home for the cat tower. Maybe Jen's cat would like it. And I'll have to get a scratching post for Abby - she loves to use the sisal supports on the tower.

When the tower is gone, the room will be wonderful arranged this way. It will be better for me to sit farther away from the windows in the winter. You know I've been looking at curtains; now I can get long ones, which will look better, and insulated. There won't be a glare on the television from the low winter sun. And let's face it, I'm just ready for a change. It was getting bored.

That's all the latest! Just be careful if you come through the living room after dark. Bless you, you never minded when I rearranged the furniture, and I know you won't mind now. So come and see. Just don't bruise your shins walking into something.

Adore you,

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