Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Cats Need a Snooze Button

Dear John,

It's been a "nope" kind of day here. I slept for two hours last night, was up for 3 with a stomach ache, and slept another two hours before the animals started jumping all over me. I love my little furry alarm clocks, but I do wish I could set their wake-up time.

I only did what was necessary today - made the bed, got dressed, emptied the litter boxes, fed the critters. I watched football and got a good bit of knitting done in between two involuntary naps. I was watching the Packers at the end of the first quarter, and the next thing I knew it was the fourth quarter. I slept through two quarters and halftime.
This is annoying, but I know it is normal and necessary. I'll take a shower and go straight to bed, and be ready for work in the morning. I had so wanted to get to church today. But for a fibromite, going anywhere on two hours of sleep is suicidal, especially if it involves interacting with large groups of people. And, even without you here to ride herd on me, I am trying not to be self-destructive. I'm taking much better care of myself because I absolutely have to work full-time. I just wish it didn't mean missing church.
I'm off now. Like fibromites everywhere, I take my showers at night because they exhaust me so much that I can't take one then go anywhere. If you get a chance, say some prayers for me - tomorrow is Monday so I'll be busy. Sleep well tonight, and know we love and miss you.
Love you, adore you, worship the ground you walk on,

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