Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Joy of Plumbing

Dear John,
It's a cool, rainy Sunday afternoon. I'm watching the Colts rout Jacksonville, and the dishwasher is running.
And that's the exciting part - the dishwasher is running. I discovered Wednesday that I needed one more piece of pipe that I couldn't get locally. I picked it up at Lowe's yesterday, and this afternoon I completely re-plumbed the kitchen sink. I had fun, as always - plumbing is like working a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. It's amazing how much more space I have under the sink now that the garbage disposal is gone. I may actually put in a shelf. Anyway, everything is tight and dry, and I will have clean dishes tonight. I've never had a dishwasher as full as it was today.
I spent the rest of the afternoon ordering yarn. I'm making socks for everybody for Christmas. Wednesday and Thursday I browsed patterns and chose what everybody is getting. I made a tentative yarn list Friday night, reviewed and revised it today, and got my order in. I should be knitting socks by next weekend.
And that makes me very happy. It's taken over two years since your death for me to get back into knitting. I believe I'm back to normal now - I'm wanting to stay up into the wee hours of the morning so I don't have to put my needles down. And this is good. There are lots of projects in my head that will have to wait until after Christmas. It is a great joy to be knitting again.
About half an hour ago I had a moment of panic when I realized that I didn't know what I'm getting you for Christmas. But I can't get you anything, can I? You already have everything. The only thing I can do for you is take care of myself. So I'll try to do that for your Christmas present. I'll keep searching for the line between self-indulgence and self-discipline, keep balancing my responsibilities with the need for self-care, continue to grapple with fibromyalgia and a full-time job. I will care for myself for your sake.
So come for a visit to show your appreciation! At least come and look at the new pipes under the sink! Stay long enough for the animals to climb all over you. And let me fall asleep with my head on your shoulder. You can have a snack off of clean dishes!
I'll leave the light on,

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