Friday, September 19, 2014

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Dear John,
There is a great sound of cows mooing somewhere south of us. I have no idea what is going on, but there are lots of unamused cows out there behind DeWayne's house.
I worked my long shift at the drive-up today, 7:15-6:15. It was busy but not frantic, steady with very few breaks, and went by quickly. We had some computer difficulties around 5:30. And that got me remembering.
Remember that summer in college, when I had the externiship in ICU at Greenville General? They were working on the step-down unit across the hall one day and accidentally cut all power to ICU, both regular and backup. Thank goodness we had a couple of windows high on one wall. We had twelve beds, everybody was on at least two IVACS, and most of the patients were on ventilators. We didn't have nearly enough hands to do what had to be done, so we hit the button and called a code. It was noon and the unit was just down the hall from the cafeteria, so we had an immediate influx of bodies. The residents weren't thrilled when we put them to work bagging the ventilator patients. But when we asked them if they could regulate a levophed drip by hand, they suddenly became pleased with the ambu bags.
The outage lasted over half an hour and all of our patients were none the worse for it. It is amazing that they all survived. I've always been proud to have been a part of the team that managed that with no loss of life. And today I told Tammy and Frank that after that, I wasn't going to get worked up about a computer failure. Customer service went on, the general ledger will straighten out on Tuesday morning, and nobody died.
So that was today's excitement, such as it was. And it jogged some good memories. Now I'm off to bed, since I'm working in the morning. After that I need to get that last piece of pipe for the kitchen sink. And I need to get to Goshen either tomorrow or Sunday for a few things that I can't get here. I'll see how I feel and how hard it's raining.
Off to bed now - sleep well, and think about us!

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