Saturday, September 6, 2014

We Were Right for the Fight Today

Dear John,
On, on, U of K. Okay, as a college fight song, it could have better lyrics. After all, the second song I learned as a child was the Georgia Tech fight song, all three verses. Now, THAT is a great fight song. Notre Dame's is good if you can turn off the parody of the lyrics that we all learned in high school and still plays in all of our heads. But UK is my alma mater, and that's my fight song, and I do have an attachment to it.
UK was right for the fight today. And the game was on ESPN, so I got to watch it. I worked this morning, came home and had lunch, washed windows, and have watched football ever since. I saw on the guide that UK was playing Ohio, and I though it was Ohio State, but it was Ohio University. UK won 20-3 and looked good.
The game was at Commonwealth Stadium. This is the first time since you died that I've been able to watch a game there. I enjoyed it this time - the good memories were louder than grief today. We went to every game for three years. And those were some ugly games in those years, too! Today looked much better. A couple of years ago they were talking about tearing the stadium down and replacing it, but they decided to renovate instead of replace, and I'm glad. They are adding on to the top of it - the elevation drawings look great. Construction is going on now; they expect it to be completed for the beginning of the 2015 season.
We did have our storms last night, some strong, but for some reason the dog wasn't particularly bothered by them. It's 70 degrees now, with much lower humidity than we've seen for a while. The windows are open, the cats are in the window sills, and the dog is outside. I'm sitting by an open window, watching Notre Dame-Michigan, and talking to you. This is as good as it can get until I get to you. Tomorrow your Browns are going to lose to my Steelers. I have free NFL whatever-they-call-it tomorrow on Direct TV, so I know I'll get to see the game. And I wish so much that you could be here! I could text the play-by-play to you like I used to when you were at work, if you'd just let me know what your number is. We don't even have to Skype - texting would be great. You know my number - text yours to me and I'll tell you all about the game. And everything else, probably! I hope you have unlimited texting.
Notre Dame is up 7-0 in the first quarter. I'm going to go put on pajamas and get out my knitting. Feel free to drop by - you know the game will be on here!
Love you even more than football,

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