Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Win for the Misbegotten

Dear John,
When everybody was in the right place!
The misbegotten just defeated the illegitimate. Or the bearable defeated the inexcusable. The sad defeated the infuriating. And you - and you alone - know what that means. The Colts just beat the Ravens.
I am mostly resigned to the Colts. It's been a long time since they snuck the team out of Baltimore under the cover of darkness. But The Ravens, well, that's unforgivable. Baltimore tried to steal the Browns. Their existence will never be bearable. Funny how Baltimore is involved in both atrocities, isn't it? Just what are they up to in Maryland?
Anyway, the Colts won at home today. There was some sloppiness on both sides, but Andrew Luck looked good. Now I'm watching the last nine seconds of Cleveland - wait - the clock just ran out and the Browns beat Tennessee. They came back from, I think, down 20-3. I'm sorry you missed that - get on line and watch it if you can. (And, if you can get on line, why aren't we Skyping?)
I've been at home today doing nothing but knitting and napping in alternating fashion. I'm paying for going to Corn School yesterday and riding rides. But I'd do it again in a minute - it was wonderful. Today everything hurts except the end of my nose. And this is fibromite life, this constantly deciding what is worth paying for later and what you can give up. This is one decision I don't regret. Yesterday was great. It's hard to beat riding the Tilt-a-Whirl with your granddaughter.
And the Steelers won today and UK won yesterday, so all is right in the football world. At least, it's as right as it can be while the Ravens exist.
So glad I married a man who likes sports,

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