Friday, October 10, 2014

Celebrating Mental Health - Sort Of

Dear John,
Today is World Mental Health Day. In its honor, we had a less-crazy day at work. It was very busy, but not off-the-wall-crazy like it's been the last three weeks. A better time was had by all.
I actually bought my lunch today. It was Frank's fault. We'd given him money and planned for benefit pork burgers today, and it turned out that the benefit is next Friday. So I walked over to the coffee shop and got the special, which was sausage, corn, and a baked potato. I got the half-order, thank goodness. It was wonderful. I think I need to do that sometimes. I don't cook much now, since I'm cooking for just me, and I need a meal like that occasionally. If I got the full-size I could take half of it home. Since I had a bigger lunch, I wasn't hungry when I got home. And it's a deadly combination to come home tired and starving - bad things happen. Tonight I had some cheese and a piece of bread and butter. Yes, I may do that again.
I'm working tomorrow, but I'll still get a two-day weekend because Monday is a bank holiday. I'm looking forward to a short week. I haven't decided what I'm going to do on Monday. I may tackle some more painting, or I may knit Christmas presents. I'll see how much knitting I get done on Saturday and Sunday.
In the meantime, I will celebrate World Mental Health Day by believing I'm not much crazier than most folks. Isn't denial a wonderful thing?
Crazy about you,

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