Monday, October 6, 2014

Clock Faces & Jimi Hendrix

Dear John,
I had a busy Monday at work. Nine-and-a-half hours went by very quickly. I should sleep well tonight. It was a good day.
I found this on Pinterest a few days ago. Looks familiar, doesn't it? This is what you had in college. The numbers clicked when they flipped down. Everybody thought they were terrific because they were digital. I disagreed. I still prefer clocks with dials. When I look at a digital clock, my brain converts it into a clock with hands, then I know what time it is. I remember one morning that you told me about. Like everybody else, you had your clock-radio set to play the radio instead of the alarm. You somehow managed to set it for the exact instant that Jimi Hendrix' version of the national anthem began. You said you never flew out of bed so fast in your life.
You weren't a morning person when we married. You never were awake at first light like I am, but you woke up much easier as the years passed. When we went on vacation we were always awake early and asleep when the sun went down. You decided you wanted to be a morning person, and you became one. Or maybe, with all the crazy shifts we worked, we both just ended up with no biorhythms at all. That's more likely, isn't it?
So look at this and remember your dorm room, and all those hours we spent studying together. Those were good days. We never stopped studying together. There was your MDiv, your doctoral work, my MA, and all the things we were just curious about. I miss studying with you. I miss doing anything and nothing with you. I even miss that awful clock that clicked when the numbers turned over.
Adore you,

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