Thursday, October 16, 2014

County Line Road & Cholorophyll

Dear John,
I worked my half-day today, but not the way I expected. I got a call this morning that I was needed in another branch, so off I went. Unfortunately, I'd have sworn that branch was Millersburg. So off I went, west on County Line Road, and arrived to the great puzzlement of all. It turned out that I was expected in Wolcottville. So I turned around and ended up driving the entire length of County Line Road. Other than that misadventure, I had a good day.
It was a beautiful drive. The trees are near their peak it's been a lovely fall. This morning was foggy enough to delay the local schools. But the sun was shining by the time I came home, and it was breathtaking. This photo is DeWayne's tree. Remember when they first planted it? It's all grown up now.
Ever since I learned about chlorophyll, and the different colors it comes in, and how and why the leaves change color, I've been amazed at the goodness of God. There's no need for those colors to be so beautiful. But here they are, every single fall. And I'm once again grateful that I married another science major, so I can ramble on about the different colors of chlorophyll and know that you understand completely. It really is good we didn't inflict ourselves on innocent bystanders, isn't it? Marrying each other was our way of protecting everybody else in the world.
Adore you, with our without chlorophyll,

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