Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Critter Comfort

Dear John,
I finally had a slower day at work. It was welcomed by all.
I forgot to tell you something. Sunday night I went to bed hurting bad enough that I had trouble getting to sleep. Somehow the animals knew. Jethro came and cuddled up with me, which isn't unusual even when I'm feeling fine. But Hunter was amazing. He came and lay curled up around the top of my head, put all of his paws on my scalp, and started kneading. He lay there, warm and purring, and kneaded my scalp until I went to sleep. Maggie lay across my waist and Abby curled up around my feet. They were all there rallying around me. And I got a good night's sleep.
They look after me. They aren't you, but they make me feel your absence a little less. They greet me when I come home, snuggle on the couch with me, and all pile up on the bed together at night. They need me and love me. And I need and love them.
You can't have any of them until I come, too. You have to come and get all of us at the same time. We'll all come through the gate together. Bring Caleb and Naomi with you, and we'll have a family reunion. Hurry the day!
Love you, miss you, so much,

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