Monday, October 20, 2014

Dilemma & Alumnicity

Dear John,
It's here again, the perennial sports dilemma.
Remember that year when UK and Duke met in the Final Four? We had just moved from Durham to Indiana. We'd become Duke fans during our years in North Carolina, but we're both UK graduates. So the question was, what to do? As soon as tip-off occurred, we knew. We yelled for UK for all we were worth. There was no question once the game started.
I'm facing a similar question tonight. The Steelers are on at 8:30 and UK is on at 8:00. And, as before, alumnicity is trumping all other loyalties. I'll be watching the Wildcats. That is, I'll watch until I hit the wall and can't stay awake anymore. The game will last long after my bedtime. I don't know how much I'll be awake for, but it will be UK all the way.
I'll miss you during the game tonight. It's on ESPNU, if you can get it there. Go Big Blue!
Adore you,

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