Friday, October 24, 2014

Fibro Cat & Wallace Shawn

Dear John,
I had a good and busy day at work. The chili was a hit. I had some left over to bring home, so I will be well-fed for the next week.
I'm paying for yesterday. I was motivated and had energy, so I got a lot of work done. Now I'm experiencing Fibromyalgia's Revenge. I'm going to bed soon and will probably take something for pain. I'm working tomorrow - I need to be able to do basic things like get out of bed without a skyhook, dress myself, and think coherently.
The drive-up staff was put together with duct tape today. I was in a lot of pain and Margaret came in late after her migraine medicine kicked in. We were well-matched, and we managed to enjoy ourselves in spite of our physical annoyances. We're a good team.
Oh, and we had flu shots and Wellness Exams this morning. My bloodwork was fine, blood pressure was good (in spite of it being a Friday at the drive-up), BMI was only slightly overweight. It was determined that I would live a while longer. Of course, that is not to deter you from coming to get me whenever you choose! Feel free to prove them wrong. And bring carriers - I think you'd better get the animals at the same time you get me. Let's keep the family together!
In Wallace Shawn's voice:  We're waiting!

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