Sunday, October 12, 2014

Frustrated Partisanship

Dear John,
It was a nightmare, an absolute nightmare. I was all dressed in my black-and-gold, including my Steelers socks, ready to watch my Steelers play your Browns. In this household, that has always been a day of epic proportions. And what happened? The game wasn't being carried here. I tried to get it on line. The one safe place that I could get free radio streaming wasn't carrying it, and every other place I tried wanted me to download apps that attempted to destroy my computer and eat the dog. I spent part of the afternoon uninstalling and deleting things. It was a tragedy. I was all dressed up with no place to go. Even Maggie was ready - she's always in black and gold. I do have good news for you - your Browns won, and quite soundly. I haven't heard any details about the game yet.
Maggie, in her black & gold, is unamused
I've been remembering the times we watched those games together. We each wanted our team to win but didn't want the other's team to lose. So we ended up cheering for both teams. It was a wonderful muddle. Remember the game we watched in Cleveland right after your brain surgery? It was on the day after you were discharged from the Clinic. We stayed in Cleveland for almost a week so we'd be close if there were any problems, so we were hanging out at the hotel. Your glasses had been lost in the hospital. The only thing you were upset about was whether you'd be able to see the television for that game. So the nurses set us up at a local Lenscrafters. We went straight there when you were discharged and you had glasses that afternoon. I have no idea who won - that never really mattered. We just had so much fun watching together.
Today I missed you and the game. I hope you got to see it. If not, you can get a replay on the Steelers website. And just a reminder - if you have internet, I'm all set up for Skype.
Love you and all the memories,

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