Saturday, October 25, 2014

Just Did It

Dear John,
Thank you for our picnic lunch today. It was probably the most beautiful day we've had all year. It was in the mid-60s, sunny, deep blue sky, leaves a little past peak - a wonderful Saturday.
I worked today. I came home at noon, changed into jeans, and went to Goshen to run errands. I got  another pulled pork sandwich for my picnic with you. I had a wonderful time (in spite of the yellow jackets) until I tried to get up. I managed to pull my right glute and hip flexor. Maybe I sat for too long? Maybe I'm too old to sit on the damp ground? Maybe this is what I get for moving the piano on Thursday? However I did it, I limped through the rest of my errands then drove home with my right leg numb. I took Motrin and stayed off of my feet for the rest of the day. I had wanted to mow this afternoon, but it was clearly out of the question. I let everybody know that I probably wont' make it to church tomorrow. It really does hurt.
Please pray for my right hip tonight. I'd like to go to church tomorrow if I can. And I have to be able to work on my feet starting Monday morning. I'll stick with Motrin and rest. My coordination could probably use some intercession as well. But you know that!
Love you so much,

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