Thursday, October 23, 2014

Of Chili, Curtains, & Claritin

Dear John,
I had a very busy and productive day. I need to go back to work tomorrow to get some rest.
The package at the post office was indeed the curtains. I picked them up, went to the pharmacy for Claritin, and to the hardware store for a new stud finder. Then I came home and proceeded to tear the entire house apart. I put up curtain rods and hung curtains. I moved all the living room furniture around again. I got the new litter box furniture thing set up with a litter box in it, after deep-cleaning the litter boxes. I vacuumed and dusted. I left before 5:00 to work the bank table at the elementary school trick-or-treat. I came home and made a pot of chili for tomorrow's carry-in at work. After that, I finally ate.
I looked out the front window this afternoon and there was DeWayne with his leaf-gathering-mower-thing in our front yard, cleaning up under our maple tree. So I went outside, forgetting to put down the dustpan first, and we talked and got caught up. In the middle of that, Tammy pulled up with her crock pot. It's lots bigger than ours, and she's loaning it to me to put my chili in tomorrow.
You get the idea. Busy, busy day. I have more left to do, but it will have to wait for another day. It's past my bedtime and tomorrow is my early morning. I should sleep well tonight. And even the busiest of Fridays will seem tame after today.
As I was putting up the last set of curtains, I found myself being eager for you to come home from work and see all that I'd done. Old habits of thought die hard. Doing things like this was more fun when I did them for you but I am finally able to do and enjoy them just for myself. Today I saw that I've made progress. Baby steps, but it is good. 

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