Thursday, October 30, 2014

Overtime and Hotdogs

Dear John,
Well that was another day that didn't go as planned! The animals woke me up at 7:45. So I got up, got dressed, got laundry started, then began my errands downtown. I went to the post office, bought cup hooks at the hardware store, and was at the grocery store when my phone rang. Ellie was at work but was sick and needed to go home. So I ran back here and got respectable-looking, and went in to work from 11:30 to 2:30. Then Amanda came in and worked until 5:00.
I left the living room torn up, laundry in the washer and dryer, had on minimal make-up, no contacts, no lunch, and my hair wasn't curled. But the work got done and all is well. When I came home I had a late lunch and finished the laundry, but the living room is still torn up. It will keep until I get off work Saturday afternoon. My back hurt this afternoon, so I loaded up on Motrin and lay down with the animals. I don't need to go into Friday and Saturday with an aching back.
Meanwhile, the draft horse sale continues. It increases traffic downtown, which increases our traffic as well. And the merchant deposits are much larger and more frequent. And then there's the traffic! The worst we usually have is on Saturday mornings when there will be two buggies each direction at the four-way stop downtown. This week it's hard to get anywhere. It's good for the town. But I believe we'll all draw a deep breath and enjoy it when life goes back to normal next week.
I'm off to bed early tonight. Besides having to be at work earlier on Fridays, I have to get up and cook tomorrow. We're having a carry-in of Halloween-themed food, and I'm taking mummy hotdogs. I have to fix them in the morning so I can take them in hot and just keep them warm in the oven.
Sleep well tonight! We love you and miss you. I have four animals in bed instead of you now, and it still feels empty.
Miss you always,

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