Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pass Me Another Cat

Dear John,
I had a good day at work. Nothing went as planned and everything was good.
I was scheduled to continue training on the vault today. But one of the tellers had an accident on the way to work, so I shifted to the drive-up. On the way into the building I thought I smelled gas. So somebody called somebody, and repair people came. The building was fine - we didn't have to close or evacuate or anything. The leak was in NIPSCO's equipment outside. It did, however, require turning off our gas until early afternoon. We have gas heat, it was 32 degrees outside, and the drive-up has three direct connections to the outside and no insulation. Even I was cold. I was thinking about getting the blanket out of the break room when they turned the gas back on. To bring this paragraph full circle: it was a good thing that it was me at the drive-up since my thermostat is broken. I'm the one that's comfortable when everybody else is cold. And then there are the hot flashes.
I could have used this today . . .
I'm off tomorrow. There's been a package at the post office since Monday that's been waiting for me to get a day off. I think it's the curtains I ordered, and I'm looking forward to getting them hung. I need to make a pot of chili for Friday's carry-in. And I'll be working the bank table at tomorrow night's trick-or-treat gathering at the elementary school. I'll have a nice, busy day.
Please plan to drop by tomorrow night and see the new curtains. The ones for the living room and office are lined. And the really shocking thing is that the fabric isn't a solid color. There is pattern in it. How wild can I get? I think you'll like all of it, so come and see. And, of course, you're welcome tonight, too.
Wanting to see you anytime,

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