Friday, October 31, 2014

Rampant Insanity

Dear John,
My day was surreal. Insanity reigned. We all agreed that reality took a vacation day.
Work was crazy. This was the last day of the draft horse sale, so it was Friday multiplied by three or four. None of us ever came up for air. I finally sat down for two minutes at 4:15. The sale is still going on after 9:00 - I just let the dog in and heard the auctioneers.
And on this busiest of days, somebody decided  that it was a good idea to start tearing up North Main Street. The traffic was terrible anyway with the sale, so they took Main Street down to one lane. We had the two microphones on at the drive-up and all anybody could hear was the road equipment outside. Ellie and I were almost shouting at each other to be heard. When I needed phone numbers from customers, I had to send paper out to their cars for them to write the numbers down for me.
Add to this lovely mess the first snowfall of the season. Today's high was at midnight. It rained until the temperature hit freezing, then turned into snow. The wind is howling out of the east. I'm having a hard time hanging onto the storm door when I open it for the dog, and it's making all the animals jumpy. Tonight is trick-or-treat night most places, and it's 25 degrees and snowing. Lake Michigan is roiled up on both coasts, causing flooding at the beaches in St Joseph and lane closures on Lakeshore Drive.
We seem to have a severe case of bad timing. Halloween, the horse sale, roadwork, and the year's first snowstorm hit simultaneously. And today was Grandparents' Day at the elementary school, which I obviously couldn't go to. Most of the town will get to sleep it off tomorrow while we'll all be back at work at 7:45 in the morning. But we get an extra hour of sleep Saturday night so all will be well. Any week that sees the end of Daylight Stupid Time is a good week, right? That's something to celebrate.
We can rejoice in having survived the horse sale, give thanks for an excellent sale this year, hope the roadwork is completed soon, wave goodbye to the out-of-towners that have been here all week, and be thankful that the ground is too warm for the snow to stick. And on Monday the world will return to normal. Normal will be good. Boredom is a consummation devoutly to be wished.
I wish I had your solid sanity to come home to on days like this. When the outside world came apart, you were my reality and my haven. You were the poster child for stability. Now I have to provide my own secure, stable home. I'm the designated driver. It works well enough most of the time, but there are days like this that I miss having my anchor to come home to. Thank you for holding me safe in so many gales! If I set my sails right, maybe the next one will blow me to you.
You are the lighthouse I look to, watch for, move toward. I depend on you even more when it's dark and stormy. Today was just wonky, but I still find myself tonight looking for my lighthouse to show me the way home.
Following your light,

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