Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sibling Rivalry

Dear John,
We had rain last night but no storms, and the same this morning. So Jethro was happy and I got a good night's sleep.
The latest family entertainment centers around sibling issues. You know Abby was the dominant - and only - female. That worked well and everybody was happy. But no, Jethro couldn't find a little boy to bring home; he had to rescue another little girl. We are experiencing the expected complications.
Abby has always hissed and growled at Maggie, who is completely unfazed by it. When she approaches Abby and gets growled at, she walks right up and lies down beside her, and before long they're grooming each other. It appears to be posturing rather than animosity.
Maggie playing with Abby's tail
You know I've always put out some milk for them with my breakfast. Hunter drank it, then Abby came along and claimed first place but left some for Hunter. Maggie came along and finished it off. No matter how much I put out she'd drink every drop, even if she threw up some later. Well, yesterday morning I watched Abby get in front of Maggie and take the first turn at the milk. She left some for Maggie, who left some for Hunter. Abby is beginning to assert herself, and I'm glad to see it.
Tonight I was brushing my teeth and heard a great quantity of growling and hissing coming from the workroom. Jethro was unhelpfully hiding in the bedroom closet. I found Maggie on the china cupboard, Abby under the table, Hunter firmly planted between the two of them, and all three looking guilty. I made sure no harm had been done, told them to behave themselves, and left them alone. The next thing I knew they were playing together peacefully.
This is going to be interesting. Again, I'm sorry you're missing this. You'd love it. If you have any words of wisdom on these sibling issues, please let me know. I've always left them to work things out between themselves, and they've done well so far. I hope it continues.
Tending your furry children,

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