Monday, October 27, 2014

The Horse Sale is Coming!

Dear John,
It's been a wild and lovely day. The temperature got up into the 70s, and it was sunny until evening. Now it's still warm and very blustery. It's clear that we have storms on the way. I opened the windows before leaving for work this morning, for what may be the last time this year. Right now, it's good to be piled up in bed with the dog and the laptop, listening to the wind blow outside and feeling the warm breeze. Don't worry - the windows are open only at the top so we'll be fine when the rain comes.
It won't look this peaceful tomorrow . . .
Topeka is getting ready to turn upside down. The Draft Horse Sale starts tomorrow. Today was a usual Monday in the lobby and complete craziness at the drive-up. We had around fifty items in the night drop - a new record. And the fire department had a big fund-raiser on Saturday and did quite well, so that deposit had to be processed. I ran full-speed until lunch, then started getting the big merchant deposits in and ran until 2:00. Then I had my annual evaluation, and ran  until 4:15. It was slow for a whole forty-five minutes. Needless to say, the day went by quickly.
My evaluation was good. I met or exceeded expectations in every category. They said that I bring diversity to the bank. I inquired about this - ethnicity? shoe size? the fact that I lack this odd midwestern accent? It seems to be the fact that my background is in nursing instead of business. Having a nurse on the property appears to be a source of comfort. Who knew.
As for me, I love the job. I look forward to going to work and I enjoy being there. I like the people I work with and greatly value this management team. It is good for me to learn something so completely new at my age. The job is good for me in many ways - for one thing, I am now independently solvent. And that is good. I am thankful.
Thank you for any part you played in me getting this job, and for your prayers as I've learned and adjusted to it. I'm glad so many people there knew and loved you. Know that they are looking after me now and that I'm doing well. And, as I said before, I have attained solvency - no small thing.
I'm going to turn off the light early tonight. I'm tired, and I'm afraid I'll be up part of the night with the dog if we do get storms. I'm hoping for just rain. He's happy and sleepy so far. Pray for your little family tonight!
Adore you,

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