Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ankle-Deep Animal Hair

Dear John,
It will be just a short note tonight. I have to get up for work in a little over eight hours, so I need to get to sleep.
I'm feeling some better. I'm breathing about the same as I was before the IV steroids, so the inflammation is still considerable. I hope adrenaline kicks in tomorrow and helps - there's always plenty of adrenaline on Fridays. I vacuumed today, in slow-motion, and was still standing at the end. And I got lunch to go from Tiffany's again. Other than that, I knitted. I wanted to push myself some today, but not too much. I was considering dusting, but was too shaky at the end of vacuuming to be trusted handling small, fragile objects. And least the hair balls are gone from the floor.
And that's the encouraging part - I finally felt good enough that having ankle-deep animal hair everywhere was bothering me. And I'm wanting to go back to work. Until yesterday, I felt too bad to want to. Those are good signs. Shelly and I are scheduled for the drive-up tomorrow, so I should be in the second window. That's probably the best place for me to come back to. To sum up: I'm looking forward to going back, but a bit concerned about my breathing. We'll see. At least I'll be getting paid!
It's wonderful to have a job that makes me look forward to going to work. You know what that's like - you felt that way about working at Panera. I remember that day that Melinda and I went shopping in South Bend, and decided to stop at Panera for iced green tea. In the entry I saw a "hiring" sign with the application website. I came home and told you about it, you put your app in that night, and they snapped you up. What a gift that job was, for both of us! And this job is a gift for me. It will be good to be back tomorrow. I'll let you know how my lungs feel about it!
Your oxygen-dependent wife,

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