Thursday, November 6, 2014

Another Day, Another Sock

Dear John,
I took my day off today and stayed home. I was up until 4:00 this morning coughing. I took cough syrup at 8:00 and went to bed, then woke up at midnight. It took four hours to get the coughing and wheezing under control. Then I slept until 9:00 when I got a text that woke up the animals.
I will work tomorrow - it's Friday, and I can only call in dead on a Friday. I'll ask to work the second window at the drive-up because I can't talk much without starting the whole cough-wheeze cycle all over again. I'll take mentholyptus, cough syrup, and my inhaler to work with me. I'll also wear short sleeves, due to prednisone on top of hot flashes.
I didn't do much today, mostly just knitted and rested. I did finish the third Christmas sock. And I managed a badly-needed shower. I also called your sister today about plans for Thanksgiving dinner here. She's bringing curry, I have rice, I'm making applesauce salad, I'm up for bell peppers, she'll bring the rest of the curry condiments and snacks, and I'll fix dessert. She will bring two fewer cans of fried onions since you won't be here. Jim will still get his own can. I'm looking forward to having them here for the holiday.
I remember when I first encountered your family's Thanksgiving dinner tradition of chicken curry. It was my first curry, and I fell in love with it. Didn't Irene get the recipe from a college friend? It's better than the usual stuff people have, and it's much easier on the cook. It's even healthy. And now it's my holiday tradition, too. The three of us will carry it on together this year without you, your brother, and your mother. But there will still be curry and chex mix and football and a loving family. I am blessed. Thank you for all the treasures you left me!
Adore you,

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