Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Batteries, Storms, & Flannel

Dear John,
The car is back up and running. Bless his heart, Bob called a little before 7:00 this morning, and came right over and replaced the battery. I appreciate him so much. He has new tires for me; I'll schedule getting the car in next week when the weather is supposed to be better for walking around town. I can't complain about the battery - the car is a 2008, and it was the original battery that died. I believe it was entitled.
The wind chill did get above zero today, however briefly. We're under a Winter Storm Watch tonight and tomorrow. The lake is going to drop a boatload of snow somewhere; we'll see if it comes toward us. But I have a car to drive to work, so I don't have to walk if I don't want to. And the furnace is running perfectly. So all is well in my little world.
Meanwhile, the cats continue to lie between the curtains and the windows, the dog still hates the cold, and I'm curled up in bed wearing a flannel nightgown. You had no idea how amazing it was to me that you liked me in flannel. You didn't want me to look like a model in fancy lingerie. You wanted me to be me - warm and comfortable, wearing something sensible and practical. And maybe soft and cuddly, too, for you to snuggle up with. It was another way that you loved me, really me, just like I am. I never had to be anything but myself with you. I miss that complete ease, having somebody to totally relax around. I miss the unconditional love you always gave me.
But I know that your love for me hasn't ended or gone away. For now, I take it on faith. Some day I will see it all again. And when that day comes, this waiting period will seem so short. Are there flannel nightgowns in Heaven? Maybe I should bring one with me, just for you.
Adore you,

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