Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Birthday Cake in Heaven

Dear John,
We had another slow day at work. This town is sensible - people stay home when it's snowing and the wind chill is below zero. Our Winter Storm Watch has turned into a Winter Weather Advisory, now calling for less snow and more wind. I hope tomorrow isn't bad  - I have to spend my day off in LaGrange for mandatory training. Everybody from all the branches has to go, and our branch doesn't have the staff right now to be able to send us on working days. So we'll all be in LaGrange for classes on our days off this week. Imagine our excitement.
Normally I'd rather not have slow days, but this week is an exception. I'm just back from being sick, I'm working my day off which makes six days in a row, and I picked up some overtime on Friday staying late. So I'll take all the slow, easy days that I can! We're expecting freezing rain on Saturday. I just hope the town doesn't decide to do a whole week's worth of banking on Friday. That much entertainment I don't need.
And a quick reminder - today is Becky's birthday, so go hunt up Kyle and have a piece of birthday cake together! I remember so well how surprised she and I were to end up roommates our senior year. We were having to take dorm pot-luck; the odds were overwhelmingly against us ending up with each other. It was certainly divinely ordained. We enjoyed that year, and we're still enjoying our friendship. It has turned out to be one of the most important in my life.
You guys be sure to get some ice cream to go with that birthday cake. And know that your wives are looking after each other. Who knows - we may end up roommates again, if we can find that lighthouse to live in!
Love to you, Kyle, and all the guys,

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