Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fair Isle & Flannel Sheets

Dear John,
I know - I'm a day late. After working yesterday and doing housework, I was so tired at bedtime that I couldn't have been coherent. You've put up with enough incoherent communications from me over the years. I decided to spare you.
I'm off prednisone and doing okay. I'm still tired, but that's to be expected. I didn't do much today and took a two-hour nap. Tomorrow morning I'll start a stretch of working six days in a row, during which time I'm planning to ignore the dust and dog hair.
I had more sock adventures this afternoon. I'm working on a pair of Fair Isle socks, and I haven't done Fair Isle knitting in well over twenty years. I'm back in the rhythm of it and enjoying myself; today's struggle was with the heel. The pattern calls for a heel turn technique that I've never done before. It doesn't look difficult, but knitting anything in fingering-weight black yarn is a bit challenging - you can't see anything. After a good bit of wrestling, I decided to just use another type of heel. There's no need to make this any more complex than necessary.
We're on our way to an expected two inches of snow tonight. South Bend got over a foot of lake-effect snow last week, but all we've had here so far is a coating. It's beautiful outside, with the streetlights on the snow. We're expecting highs in the 20s this week - I'll be dressing warm to work the drive-up. Tonight I closed the curtains, much to the dismay of the cats. But it's nice and warm and cozy inside. In a few minutes I'll turn out the lights and we'll all pile up together in the bed. I'll have flannel sheets, a dog, and three cats to keep me warm tonight. I'd rather have you, but we'll make do here. Sleep well, and dream of me and flannel sheets.
Cozy in the cold,

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