Monday, November 17, 2014

Hail! The Comquering Heroine Comes on Foot

Dear John,
I think this has been a day about triumphs. But I'm not sure.
The day started early when I woke up at 3:30 and the house smelled funny. The furnace fan was running constantly and blowing out cold air. The thermostat said 64, which is where I had it set, so nothing should have been running. I went downstairs, found the main power switch for the furnace, and turned it off for a minute. It seems to have just needed re-booting. It's run fine ever since. I'll keep an eye on it in case the igniter is going out. But so far, so good.
The next adventure was at 7:15 when I tried to leave for work and discovered the car battery was dead. I left the garage door opener out for Bob and walked to work. I called his place after they'd opened and asked Ryan to have him to look at the battery, but he didn't get here today. The message may have gotten lost or mangled between Bob and Ryan. I'll call again in the morning. It's not urgent.
And I finally figured out that heel pattern. After dinner I sat down and concentrated on it and got it done. I must have been too tired yesterday. That heel is done and I'm ready to knit the top of the sock. Even in Fair Isle, that's much simpler.
I think that's about it for today. I'm tired, and no wonder after being up for an hour in the middle of the night fixing the furnace. But I'm proud of myself - I fixed the furnace, handled getting the car looked at, and even got the hang of a wrapped-stitch heel. I am widow - hear me roar!
Now it's late and the wind is howling out of the west. I'm still up because the Steelers and Titans are on television, but I'm only seeing about a quarter of it because the wind is messing with the reception. Snow is blowing down the street and the wind sounds like a freight train. I have the curtains closed for insulation - the wind chill is well below zero - and the cats are all lying between the curtains and the windows. Jethro is asleep at my feet, and I may be asleep soon. I doubt that I'll make it past halftime.
Thank you for wanting an independent, capable wife. Now you have an independent, capable widow. Widow, wife, it's all the same thing. I'm yours, no matter what. There's no getting away from me!
Forever yours,

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