Sunday, November 2, 2014

In a Good Place Spiritually, Ecumenically, Gramatically

Dear John,
I'm certain that you know what movie I watched today. Only Johnny Depp could pull off that line. It still makes me laugh out loud.
I've done very little today. With the world on God's time intead of government time, the sun woke us all up around 7:00 this morning. I sat in the bed for morning prayers and a look at Facebook. I texted Father and told him that I wasn't sick, just beyond exhausted. I worked like a draft horse all week, including working my day off. I may be getting sick, though. As the day has gone on, my lungs are tight and burning, and I feel like there's stuff in them. We'll see. I've increased my inhaler use to the maximum and am hoping for the best.
This morning I was thinking about old Greenville General Hospital, may its memory be eternal. Mama started volunteering there the winter between my summer as a nurses' aide and my summer externship in ICU. It was the mid-70s, so when people saw "Maggie" on her name tag, they started calling her Maggie Mae. Completely oblivious to the Rod Stewart reference, her response was, "Maggie may, and then again, Maggie may not!"
I heard about this when I was home for Thanksgiving break. When I came back for Christmas, I brought her a copy of the 45 and played it for her. She laughed so hard to think that people were thinking of her in that way. She was almost the age I am now. She told everybody that she had been unaware of the compliment they were paying her.
She was wonderful at being on the giving and receiving ends of good-natured teasing. Teasing was one of the little intimate expressions of love in my family. You adapted to that so effortlessly. I suppose the youngest child gets used to teasing. But you fit well into that dynamic in my family, and my mother especially appreciated that about you. She so enjoyed teasing you. She loved you so much, you know.
I'm sure you do know now, if you didn't before. Please pass this letter on to her and reminder her of Maggie Mae. She'll get a laugh out of it. My last summer working there was so special because she worked there, too. We commuted together and tried to meet for lunch. Years later she could keep me apprised of what was going on there with the people I knew and places I worked. We both loved that hospital. And we loved working there together.
So give Mama my love tonight. I've especially missed both of you today, maybe because I don't feel good. I'm even going to bed before the Steelers game starts. I have a busy day ahead, I'm not feeling good, and sleep has to be the priority. I'll try to catch a replay on line tomorrow.
Sleep well tonight! Love you more than life,

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