Sunday, November 23, 2014

It's Raining, it's Pouring

Dear John,
I've had a slow day. I woke up with fibro pain and excruciating jaw pain, so I spent the day on the heating pad. I watched and slept through football. I didn't even knit because of the arm and shoulder pain. That tells you that it's severe.
It's rained all day. Jethro has had a lovely time going outside and digging in the mud. This dog is certainly a dedicated digger. And he's happy because it is warm enough that this is rain and not snow. He doesn't like the cold at all, poor baby. But he loves rain.
I love rainy days, too, but getting one when I'm already fighting the fibro is not especially pleasant. I will do as the meme says - go to bed, take pain meds, and hope it all feels better in the morning. I get to go to sleep listening to the rain, and that is wonderful. All that's missing is you - which could be said of the entirety of my existence. But I still miss you most at night, miss curling up with my head on your shoulder and your arms around me. Could you come and rub my shoulders tonight? The cats knead them, but they don't have your upper body strength. As has been said, they're wonderful but they can't replace you.
Missing you on this rainy night,

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