Friday, November 14, 2014

Jethro's Fantasy

Dear John,
I had a good day at work. It was Friday, but not a crazy Friday. Everybody was glad to have me back, and Charley was even concerned that I'd come back too soon, bless him. A few regular customers had been concerned since they hadn't seen me for a week. I enjoyed it. It's good to be back.
Jethro's fantasy
Tonight I'm tired and should sleep well. I'll work tomorrow morning, and probably come home and crash. There's plenty to do around here. But I'm working six days in a row next week so I'll try to be sensible. We have training in LaGrange on my day off, so no day off. But I'll get paid overtime for it, and that's good.
That's interesting. For a reason which escapes me, the dog just stuck his head inside the pillowcase. He's lying on the bed with his head stuck all the way into the pillowcase. I have no clue why. That isn't unusual with Jethro. But this is a first.
Sorry to be so brief tonight, but I'm falling asleep talking to you. I wish I could really fall asleep with you, head on your shoulder, your arms around me. And maybe even Jethro's head inside your pillowcase. Go to sleep tonight thinking about that!
Adore you,

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