Saturday, November 29, 2014

Of Yarn & Yogurt

Dear John,
We went to Tiffany's for breakfast before Jim and Irene headed home. Tiffany's has a breakfast haystack now, so I ate too much and enjoyed every bite. Bless Jim - while I was at work yesterday he insulated the north side of the garage and put up pegboard on about half of it. Have I told you lately that I love your family?
I went to Goshen after they left. I got cheese and lettuce at the Farmers Market, and bread and toothpaste at the co-op. I couldn't get yogurt - their refrigeration is out of order. I'm so spoiled to Brown Cow yogurt that I didn't even consider getting another kind somewhere else. Once you eat organic yogurt, there's no going back.
On the way out of town I felt like I should go to the yarn shop. And you know how hard it always is to get me to go to a yarn shop! I'm glad I did - I found the yarn and pattern for Jen's Christmas socks. I hadn't been able to find something that was just right, and now I have. I also picked up some sock yarn just for me. After Christmas, I may actually knit something for myself. Such self-indulgence!
You taught me lots of wonderful things. One of them was that if I find yarn or fabric that I fall in love with, I should buy it because it won't be there again. You were right. I always find the perfect thing to use it for, too. Thank you again for being a yarn enabler. I promise to avoid the road to yarn-addiction recovery and continue to frequent yarn shops!
Love you more than yarn,

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