Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Brioche Triumph

Dear John,
I've had a slow day. Ben was supposed to come by on his way home from his parents' house, so I stayed home. I haven't heard from him, so I don't expect to see him.
Staying home was frustrating but probably for the best. I've been having trouble with numbness in my left hand and arm for a few months, and last night it progressed to pain and kept me up half the night. I may have to actually see a doctor about it. It's not cardiac - it's positional, not exertional. It isn't a circulatory problem - color, temperature, and capillary refill are unchanged. It has to be pressure on a nerve. And since I have a torn rotator cuff in that shoulder and that was the clavicle that got smashed in the accident, I have plenty of reason for nerve problems. Anyway, it's getting annoying and disturbing my sleep. So I should probably call Joe
I had a knitting triumph today - I finally figured out the brioche stitch. I found instructions on the internet, but they were for a scarf, which is knitting across, and I'm making a sock, which is knitting in the round. So I went to YouTube and found a tutorial on brioche socks. It's taken me most of the weekend to get this sock going, but going it is, and I like the stitch. Things should go smoothly from here on out.
Meanwhile, I have managed to avoid Black Friday and I'll be at work on Cyber Monday. I'm not buying any Christmas presents this year anyway, I'm making all of them. I went to Goshen yesterday, but just to the farmers market, co-op, and yarn shop - not exactly hotbeds of Christmas commerce. I remember I went shopping on Black Friday one time about twenty-five years ago, and decided I'd never do that again as long as I live. I'm having my own quiet little holiday season.
Sometime this week I'll put up the tree and decorate. I'm looking forward to it a little bit this year. We'll see how it goes as Christmas gets closer. Prayers would be appreciated. Or you could just come home for Christmas!
Wanting you under my Christmas tree,

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