Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Joy of Socks

Dear John,
The snow went north of us and the weather advisory was cancelled. We should be in the clear until the freezing rain arrives on Saturday.
I went to my half-day of training in LaGrange, came home for lunch, and went to Walmart for a major trip. It's been over a month since I did major grocery shopping. I had to  walk the aisles to be sure I didn't miss anything.
The fun part was buying socks. They're knee highs, now called boot socks, and I found them in all kinds of delightful colors and patterns like they used to be. You'd love it. I remember about ten years ago you said how much you liked my wild, crazy knee socks and you wondered why I'd stopped wearing them, and I told you that I'd worn them all to shreds and they weren't making them anymore. Well, they're making them now. I bought a bunch today and will start wearing them tomorrow. So come visit me at work and look at my wild and wonderful socks!
Everything old really is new again, isn't it? I told you in the 1980s that bellbottoms would come back in style. You disagreed, but I was right - they just called them boot cut when they came back. Turquoise came back after a forty-year absence. And now knee socks are back. I am content.
See what you're missing? My knee sock resurgence, growing my hair out long, and having three cats in the house! This is what you get for leaving and forgetting to take me with you. Of course, you're welcome back any time you like. Like Robert Johnson said, you've got a home as long as I have mine.
Saving home for you,

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