Saturday, November 1, 2014

Woman, Invincible, Tired

Dear John,
That's all. Just, whew.
This past week has all run together in my mind. I can't remember what happened which day. I suppose that comes from working six days in a row. And every day was the same - massive merchant deposits to process, crowds of people, traffic jams, cold weather, tired feet, and a sore back. It was completely exhausting and vastly entertaining. I wouldn't have missed a minute of it. We'll be talking about this week until the next draft horse sale comes in the spring.
Tonight I'm just tired. I'm sitting on the couch in my flannel pajamas watching Notre Dame play Navy. After work I washed sheets, knitted, and took naps voluntary and involuntary. I really don't care how much dust is on the furniture or animal hair on the floor. I don't care if I do nothing at all between now and Monday morning. I have clean clothes, milk in the fridge, and plenty of left-overs to eat. Eat, sleep, knit. That's enough.
So, come hibernate with me! We can watch football and eat brownies. You can rub my feet and tell me all about your life in Heaven. It would rest and renew me to just sit quietly with you. It always did - just to be near you, to have you here warm and good and sweet and in love with me. I miss drawing strength from your presence. If you can, come and sit with me tomorrow. I'll save your spot on the couch.
Miss you,

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