Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Day for Knitting with Cats

Dear John,
It was an odd day. I don't think I told you - I woke up at 4 AM yesterday with a  stomach ache and felt worse as the day went on. I came home, threw up, and felt a bit better. This morning I got up, dressed for work, then ate breakfast and immediately regretted it. I had to stay home. As I texted Danielle and Tammy: I don't always text in the bathroom, but when I do I'm texting Danielle and Tammy.
I only threw up a few times today, but I've stayed very nauseated. And I slept a good bit of the day. The rest of the time I knitted and watched Christmas shows. I only have one sock to go. And I got the dishcloths ready to put in the mail tomorrow. Everybody should get them by Christmas. I'll deal with cards after that last sock is done. There will have to be a short letter this year, with my new job and Jethro's new kitten. The only other thing left is to bake cookies. I'll only work half a day next Monday and Wednesday, so I'll get the baking done then.
I do love not buying any Christmas presents. I have no need to be in the stores this time of year, and it's wonderful. I've been knitting for six months and have loved every minute of it. I have more knitting to do for a few more people, but the things with Christmas Day deadlines will get done. It is good.
And now it's time to go to sleep. Maggie's hormone storm is winding down and I have hopes of a good night's sleep. We're all worn out from this. It should be her only time. Here she comes, up on the bed with a felt mouse in her mouth. Yep, she seems to be done with it. And we all survived.
So now it's safe for you to visit. I expect no more cat yowling. Come and watch your baby catch a felt mouse. Pick her up and feel her cuddle up with you and purr. You'll never want to leave. And that would be just fine with us!
Adore you,

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