Friday, December 19, 2014

Bad Food & Bare Spots

Dear John,
I finally figured out what's been wrong with me. I picked up staph food poisoning. Tammy made the suggestion yesterday. This has lasted too long to be viral. So today I thought back on what I've eaten, and there it was. Monday night I had the last of leftover rice and salmon. Halfway through it I realized it didn't taste quite right and threw the rest out. But that was enough. The timing is perfect, of when the symptoms started and the duration. I was trying to save money by eating the leftovers. What I did was cost myself two days' pay and inconvenience everybody. I abjectly apologize to the world.
You taught me a lot about how to save money. I'd learned to save it by never spending it, and that has its place. But you taught me that there are times when buying quality is an investment and the only sensible thing to do. That's why I had jeans from Coldwater Creek that lasted me over twelve years. Yes, the ones from Walmart are less expensive. But they cost more in the long run because they don't last.
So next time I'll be more judicial about my actions with leftovers. As Miriam always said when they moved, "When it doubt, chuck it out." It is a good rule to apply to questionable food.
It's time for me to get to sleep, if my tummy allows. I really need to get to work tomorrow - please pray for my gastrointestinal health and stability! Right now, Jethro is asleep next to me and Hunter is grooming himself on my knees, while Abby and Maggie chase each other through the house. Oh, and I've left the tree lights on the last two nights and the cats have come to bed and ignored it. I suppose they've gotten accustomed to it. And I'm glad. We always loved waking up and night and seeing the lights from the Christmas tree. Here it is for you to look at. Blame the cats for the bare spots! It looks good above cat-height. I'm just thrilled that it's still standing.
Missing you,

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