Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas: Stage I

Dear John,
I've had a busy day off. I vacuumed, washed sheets and blankets, washed windows, took out the screens and hung the wreaths, and put up the Christmas tree. I didn't put anything on it yet - just put up the tree. It looks funny that way.
I'm taking this tree thing in stages because of the cats. Abby and Maggie have never seen one. I had it up when Hunter came to live here, and Jethro knocked it down chasing him. The cat was completely innocent of wrongdoing. This afternoon they all went over to explore it. They sniffed around the base of it, batted at the lower branches, then got bored and ignored it.
I am taking all due cat-precautions. I weighted the base of the tree down with 90 pounds of pavers. The tree skirt hides it all nicely. I'll put the lights on it tomorrow or Saturday. If they get accustomed to - and bored with - those, then I'll start adding ornaments. I'll only use the unbreakable ones. I may hang garland like I did last year for the special fragile ones. And I will not put the china angel on top!
Outside, we're ready for Christmas. I put the big wreath on the door today, and hung the four other wreaths on the outside of the front windows. I'm doing the inside gradually. Today I put out the Christmas tablecloth and decorated the Hoosier cupboard. I'll get the rest done over the weekend.
I'm looking forward to Christmas a little bit this year. That's huge progress for me, after hoping the Mayans were right so I didn't have to deal with it. I will avoid shopping - I'm making all of the Christmas presents again. Tomorrow and Saturday is the town Christmas celebration. I'll stay downtown for it after I get off at noon on Saturday. That means pork burgers, the high school choir, Santa at the fire station, and everybody there. It will be good.
Thank you again for moving me here. It certainly beats living in Mishawaka a block from Grape Road, near the mall. We had to hibernate after Halloween. Here, you can hear yourself think. You have space to remember that this isn't just secular Christmas, it's also the Nativity of Christ. It is good to be here.
So this is your invitation to come and join in the festivities on Saturday afternoon! I'll even spring for your pork burger! Then you can come and help me decorate the tree like we always did, and see how lovely the Hoosier cupboard is all decorated. I can't make you meatloaf because of the fast, but I will promise mashed potatoes.
Still sorry the Mayans were wrong,

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