Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas: Stage III

Dear John,
So worked up over the tree . . .
Well, I did it. After church I put the ornaments on the tree. Thankfully, we have lots and lots of unbreakable ones. I miss seeing some of the sentimental ones, but it looks nice. So far the cats are not excited about it. They bat at the lower ones occasionally, but that's been it. I've found that I can't leave the tree lights on overnight like we always loved to do. The cats won't settle down and sleep while they're on. And since nobody sleeps until the cats sleep, I have to unplug them at bedtime. It's a small sacrifice to make for our little family.
Other than decorating the tree, we had a lazy afternoon. I had gotten all the housework and laundry done yesterday. So I watched the Steelers beat the Bengals and knitted socks. At one time or another, I had each of the animals asleep in my lap. They do enjoy my days off. Bless their sweet hearts, they love me. And I love all of them.
Now I'm off to bed. Jethro is asleep beside me and the cats just stopped rampaging up and down the hall. The house is quiet and dark, and I'm getting sleep. I love you so, so much! Sleep well tonight. Come visit me in my dreams!
Adore you,

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