Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Of Rain & Feline Hormones

Dear John,
There was a bit more sleep here last night than the night before. Maggie only yowled half the night, the dog only lay on my head for a couple of hours, and he only woke me up to let him out at midnight and 4 AM. There is room for improvement. Last night I dreamed that you and Jethro and I were out for a walk, and kept running across abandoned kittens. Jethro was trying to bring all of them home. When we got here and opened the door to go inside, kittens flooded around us getting in through the door. I can't imagine why I'd dream about that, can you?
This morning I took the car in to get new tires put on. Bob drove me to work since it was pouring down rain. I don't mind getting wet, but didn't want to work all day in wet clothes. I was gray and rainy all day. I didn't mind walking in the rain to get the car after work because I was coming straight home and could get right out of my wet clothes.
Before I left for work this morning I had the sheets and blanket in the dryer and the bedspread in the washer, so I'll sleep on clean sheets tonight. I still think every night about how much you loved the flannel sheets. They'll feel good on a cold, rainy night like this. I'm unsure who will lie where tonight, but know that I will end up under several furry creatures. I'm still hoping to hear from you with suggestions regarding Jethro's compulsion to sleep on my head.
For now, rain is falling outside, the Christmas tree is still standing inside, Maggie is yowling, Jethro is asleep, and Hunter and Abby are hiding from Maggie. Poor little thing - this should be over in a day or so. And we'll all sleep for a week to recover from it. We're off to bed and hoping for more sleep tonight. I would say come and join us, but I have no desire to subject you to Maggie in heat. Come in a few days!
Love you, adore you, worship the ground you walk on,

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