Monday, December 8, 2014

Power Failures & Reindeer on the Roof

Dear John,
My work day started off with a bang. At 7:45 the power went out - and I mean that all the town went out. Since it's dark at that time now, the inside of the bank was pitch dark. It was only out the few seconds it takes for the town to switch from one substation to the other, and all was well after that. All was well, that is, except for my computer. It took half an hour and turning off the power strip for me to get logged back in. Thank goodness I didn't have any customers during that time.  All the other computers came right back up, but not mine. It was a bit too entertaining.
We had excavation companies in today to tour the bank and give estimates for the cost of dismantling the existing building after the new one is completed. This included a walk on the roof, which led me to comment to Mark that evidently Santa had arrived early, since I could hear reindeer on the roof. Mark tried to tell me he didn't hear anything, until I threatened to stop supplying him with paper clips. We have a deal - I supply him with paper clips and he doesn't tell anybody how much I talk to myself back in my little corner. It's a win-win situation
The Christmas tree was intact when I got home. This evening I heard a quantity of hissing and found Abby staunchly defending the prime territory under the tree from Hunter's encroachment. This went on for a while until Jethro got up, wandered over, and slowly, calmly, lay down between them and broke it up. Sometimes he's so needy and immature, and then he goes and does something like that. He so has the German shepherd personality.
It's late and everybody is in bed with me. Hunter and Maggie are wrestling on my legs, Jethro is licking my feet, and Abby is trying to sleep through it all. I believe I will emulate Abby. Sleep well tonight, and pray for your little family!
Missing you,

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