Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Good Side of Hot Flashes

Dear John,
It was a normal slow Wednesday at work. The entertainment was provided by a failure of the furnace that heats the non-lobby parts of the bank. That includes the drive-up, Mark's office, the break room, storage rooms, and restrooms. Mark was out of his office nearly all day, which was good. People were wearing coats to eat lunch. I did okay, partly because my hot flashes could heat a moderate-sized house, and partly because we have a space heater in the drive-up (in lieu of things like insulation).
I was relieved to see the repairman and find out that the furnace really wasn't working. You know me - my thermostat has been broken for decades, and I only get cold when I'm sick. I was starting to wonder if I was coming down with something. It was good to find out that it wasn't me.
Other than that, it was a quiet day. After last week, we're glad to have one of those. I'm off tomorrow, and have at least three days of work to get done around the house. I'll try to be sensible. No promises.
I did cry myself half-way to sleep last night. My good cry was interrupted by Jethro lying on my head. I believe the dog was trying to protect and comfort me. What he did was make me laugh. For some reason he's going through a time of wanting to sleep on my head almost every night. I can't imagine why. My temper is getting a little short with him. I'm open to suggestions.
The animals are asleep, Jethro and Abby on the bed, and Hunter and Maggie under it. I'm ready to join them. Sleep well tonight! And please pray that the dog stays off of my head tonight!
Come sleep with me,

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