Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Grownupness Diatribe

Dear John,
What I have now . . .
Here's the latest on the hair-growing project. It's almost long enough to put up, which will be nice. I'm getting lots of compliments on it.
I posted the photo to Facebook and commented, "Gimme a head with hair." Of course, more lyrics have followed. That led me to ponder the fact that, while I like the song, I despise the movie. I never did understand why Hair was so popular. My problem with it was that I didn't like any of the characters. And today I think I figured out why: Nobody behaved like a grown-up. They were all rather childish and irresponsible, and they were too old for that kind of thing. As Mike Doonsbury told Zonker, the world needs grown-ups.

. . . what I'm going for.
And that led to more pondering. I always shake my head when I have the radio on and hear what that couple was doing while they were playing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long. I remember that summer very well. It was 1977, I was 21, and had an externship in the ICU at Greenville General. I worked full time and carried a full patient load. I was being a grown-up.
And here's the thing about me: I had an absolutely wonderful summer. I've always enjoyed acting like a grown-up. I'm just too practical. Being immature and irresponsible isn't fun because you know you're going to pay for it later. It isn't worth it. Life is so much easier if you're mature and responsible. And it's much more satisfying. I never wanted to act like the people in Hair, and I wouldn't have traded my summer of 1977 for anybody else's. It's my upbringing, I suppose. I was brought up to work hard, never sit down unless everybody can sit down, be responsible, and take life seriously.
So here I am now, all grown up. Sorry about the diatribe, but I know you agree with me. After all, that was the summer you scrubbed toilets at the Y to earn money to buy my engagement ring. We're a lot alike. Thank you for being a grown-up, for taking life and responsibility seriously. We had lots of fun, but not the kind of fun you had to pay for later. Thanks for listening. I'll keep you posted on my hair.
Love you like a grown-up,