Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Thing About Toasters

Dear John,
I had a bad fibro day, stayed home, slept a good bit of the day, knitted, and watched football. I'm feeling some better now. The busy week caught up with me. Nothing surprising there.
I've been pondering you and toasters. You weren't one of those men who flip out over cars, or need the latest electronics, or decorate the walls with dead animal parts. Your thing was toasters. You were always looking for the latest features. You brought home ones that toasted four slices of bread at once, or did bagels, or had adjustable-width slots. And all of them disappointed you in some way. You never found the perfect toaster.
I remember when you brought home the one we have now. Our old one did need to be replaced - it was giving us toast that was raw on one side and burnt on the other. And here you came home from work one night with a gallon of milk and another toaster. You were so excited because it was made by Black and Decker. And I decided that it must be a guy thing. I know Black and Decker makes great tools, but toasters? You were disappointed and my fears were confirmed. It's a lousy toaster.
Now it's getting old, too, and toasts to the same darkness no matter where you turn the dial. I need to shop for another one. When I do, I will miss your enthusiasm about toasters - baffling as it was to me, it was part of you and I loved it. I will attempt to find one that would satisfy even you. Who knows? Maybe John Deere makes a toaster!
Love your eccentricities,

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