Monday, December 29, 2014

The Wonder of Wild Turkeys

Dear John,
I haven't had the headache today, just the feeling that I may get one any minute. And that is a welcome improvement.
I slept in, did laundry, cleaned out the litter boxes, and ran errands in Goshen including my big monthly grocery trip. I stopped for lunch at Wendy's and had a wonderful surprise - Aleesha was there. I didn't know that was the one she worked at. So we had a delightful reunion during which you were discussed a little bit. It was good to see her.
I felt sad all day. I think it's the widow thing and the week between Christmas and New Year's. It's just a hard time of year. I am making progress, though. This year I enjoyed the season up until Christmas Day, when it all hit me again. And that is better than last year when I was miserable from Thanksgiving to Valentines Day.
On the way home I was driving down County Road 19 and heard Seals and Crofts singing "Summer Breeze," and sniveled all the way to 38 where I had another treat - a flock of fifteen wild turkeys crossing the road. I got to sit there and watch all of them meander from one side of the road to the other. They're so beautiful. It seemed that the Lord sent me two presents today to cheer me up.
I will be okay. This week will pass and life will get back to normal. I'll go back to work tomorrow and that will help. These three days off have been a godsend for my body - the fibro is much better today - but they have been hard emotionally. It's been that way since you died - I have to balance staying busy for the sake of my emotions with resting for the sake of my body.
But meanwhile there are people who care about me and there are wild turkeys in the world. So life is good. I have a good job to go to in the morning and food in the pantry and clean litter boxes. The only other thing I need is for you to get the Skype thing straightened out. Know that I love and miss you all the time, but especially during the holiday season. You're welcome to visit your little family any time!
Missing you,

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