Saturday, December 27, 2014

There's Another One?

Dear John,
At work we had Friday on Wednesday, and today we had Wednesday on Friday. It was the slowest day I've had here. That was good, because I felt like I'd been run over by something large and fast-moving. I think yesterday's food caught up with me.
I have three days off now. Can you imagine? I'm so excited. Tomorrow I'll go to the farmers market and the co-op and run some errands. I have housework to do - it's built up over the past two weeks because I've been knitting every waking moment to get all the socks done by Christmas. So part of Saturday afternoon will be devoted to rendering the house habitable. There's laundry to do, too. And I hope to get a pot of red beans and rice made this weekend. I'm looking forward to getting myself back to healthy eating and off of holiday food.
I'm still missing you when the sun goes down. All the New Years ads are out and I'm having a hard time with them. I keep remembering when we came to the end of 2011 and we said that 2012 had to be better, that here couldn't possibly be a year as bad as 2011 had been. We were never more spectacularly wrong, were we? The turning of the year marks time for me, but it doesn't feel like a thing to celebrate. Another year is just one more without you. I look at the coming year without enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is reserved for Heaven; nothing on earth rates it.
But 2015 will come, and I will be grateful for all God's gifts in 2014, trust in His provision in the future, and be content in the present. That's all we can really do anyway isn't it?
Missing you,

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