Saturday, December 27, 2014

Unproductive & Proud of It

Dear John,
Today didn't go as planned. I was completely unproductive all day. I woke up feeling awful. I know I'm not alone - yesterday at work we were all in various states of exhausted yuckiness. And it's no wonder, right after Christmas. No matter how much you enjoy it, all the working and cooking and cleaning and decorating and shopping and visiting and entertaining takes its toll.
And, as usual, the  fibro has to be figured into the equation. So be proud of me - today I recognized my limits and took care of myself. I'd hoped to use these three days off to get loads of stuff done. I may end up using them to make myself ready to go back to work on Tuesday. Either one is fine. I'm doing the best I can. And I'm learning to be okay with that even without you here to say it to me. It is amazing that I can work full-time and maintain a house on my own, while coping with a disease that makes me eligible for disability. I'm learning to be content with that.
And the good news is: Kentucky and Louisville met today, both undefeated, and only Kentucky retained that status. And the game was carried on The Deuce, so I got to watch it. I had a lovely time, and it is a good thing that the windows were closed. I kept making noise and scaring the dog. It was a good game - low-scoring, low-fouling, well-officiated, everything you like. And the good guys won.
It's almost 10:00, so I'm off to bed now. I am determined to get to church tomorrow, so please pray for me. I should feel better tomorrow after resting today. I'll meet you there!
Adore you,

PS - It is now 10:24. At exactly 10:10, Maggie went into heat again. Please send noise-cancelling headphones. Again, it is a good thing the windows are closed. Otherwise, we'd be besieged by tomcats. I hope you sleep better than I will the next few nights. Love you!

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