Monday, December 15, 2014

From Yowling Cats & Ugly Sweaters, O Lord, Deliver Us

Dear John,
It's been an altogether alarming twenty-four hours. Let's take this chronologically. Roughly.
The dog woke me up at midnight needing to go out. So we all got waked up. By the time he was back in and settled down enough to go back to sleep, Maggie had started yowling and trilling. Our little girl decided to go into heat at 1:00 in the morning. The good news is that she'll be neutered next month. The terrific news is that it's winter and the windows are closed - otherwise we'd be besieged by tomcats. The bad news is that she's trilling and yowling constantly. Jethro immediately decided that it was a menace from which I needed protection, and lay down on my head. Hunter came running and plopped down on my left side to sleep. Abby went and hid somewhere. Needless to say, there was very little sleep for the rest of the night. While I was eating breakfast, Hunter decided he'd had enough of all this, walked up to Maggie, and smacked her in the face. The yowling continued unabated.
I should have seen it coming. There were enough prodromal symptoms. For the preceding forty-eight hours, Maggie had been restless and less cuddly than usual, and Jethro had been edgy and protective of me. Tonight she's alternating between roaming the house yowling, and clinging to me while sleeping. Poor little thing, I remember what the onslaught of female hormones felt like. It's not fun. I had to outgrow it in the natural way, but this will be Maggie's last time. I do hope we all get some sleep tonight. I was rather sleep-deprived at work today.
And speaking of work, today we had Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. A good time was had by all. We took a group photo to commemorate the occasion. Charley and Mark aren't in it, having not worn ugly sweaters. We and the customers did a lot of laughing today. Here we are in all our glory. I do love my job.
And I love you, but for your sake I'm glad you weren't here last night! You put up so graciously and gently with my hormones - you don't deserve to have to deal with Maggie's. This will be the end of it. Until Jethro finds his next kitty, that is.
Please pray for sleep for us tonight. The Lord deliver us from yowling cats and ugly sweaters!
Love you with all my heart,

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