Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Angle Clamps & General Hodgepodge

Dear John,
This is Hodgepodge Night. Brace yourself.
I didn't make it to work today. I've been a bit less nauseated, and even managed to eat a small baked potato. Tonight I had liquid jello - it tasted good and stayed where I put it. So there is progress. I'm off tomorrow, and will be ready to go back to work on Friday.
Isn't this the coolest
thing ever?
Last night I dreamed that Glenn Miller was teaching a class on selling real estate, and your sister and I were taking it. I have no idea why a church history professor was teaching it, or why I was taking it. But, barring the faulty premise, the dream was fun. It was good to be back in one of his classes, even if it was real estate.
Ronda posted a photo of her repairing a picture frame with an angle clamp. I had no idea such a thing existed. I've got to get me one of those! I haven't been this excited about a gadget since I discovered faucet wrenches and post levels.
It truly is winter. We have about three inches of snow and more expected, with wind chills around -30. The snow is interfering with satellite dish reception. And Jethro is staying out as little as possible. I'm glad I got lined curtains. We're all warm and safe and dry here. But my Ginger Ale is still flat - you were supposed to pick some up for me last night, remember? Try not to forget tonight!
Leaving the light on,

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