Saturday, January 3, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole

Dear John,
There were things I couldn't say to you last night because not all the important people had been told. But I'm sure you knew everything already, being outside of time and all. You probably knew way before I did.
Jen had a stroke yesterday morning, thankfully a small one. Everybody agreed not to call the bank because there was nothing I could do anyway. Now I understand why Jen didn't like it when we did that to her - I'm supposed to do that, not her! Bob dropped Elyssa with her dad and took Jen to LaGrange, who then airlifted her to Parkview North. At the beginning she had right-sided weakness, some expressive aphasia, and loss of vision in her right eye - just the combination you'd expect. Over time it all cleared, and I don't believe she has any residual now. They discharged her this evening on low-dose aspirin.
I haven't seen her yet due to an ice storm. I was planning to go down after work today, but they started the discharge process. Now she's at home sleeping it all off. Of course she's exhausted, poor kid. I'll spend some time with her tomorrow. Waiting that long to see her is one of the greatest acts of self-control I've performed in quite a while, so be proud of me.
I got the text from Ellie about finding the note for me on her car while I was on the phone hearing about Jen. So, at 6:10 yesterday evening, I fell down the rabbit hole. (I used that expression at work today, and none of the young people had any clue what I was talking about. Lewis Carroll is turning over in his grave.) Everything has been off-kilter since then. I had a hard time concentrating at work.
The "love letter" is nothing of the sort, thank goodness. It's just a neighbor asking me to give him a call. He's married, and a friend, so there's nothing romantic about it. He probably wants me to dog-sit for a vacation or something. The fact that it was taken the way it was by others is a reflection of how much I'm getting hit on at work.
I'm still down the rabbit hole with the caterpillars and hatters and chess pieces and things, but I'm feeling a bit better about it than I was earlier today. Now the Steelers are playing the hated Ravens, and looking good. We'll hope the world gets back on its axis soon. Thank you for praying for all of us.
From Wonderland,

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