Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ginger Ale & Lofty Goals

Dear John,
I'll be brief tonight. I've been home with an apparent tummy bug today. I haven't thrown up much, but I've been terribly nauseated. I ache all over and I've slept most of the day. I haven't even felt like knitting. I so hate missing work. But today I had no choice. I still have hopes for tomorrow, but they are dwindling as the night goes on. I feel worse now than I did this morning.
The animals have been cuddly today - that always makes me feel better. But could you do me a favor and pick up some ginger ale on your way home from work? The bottle I have is flat. Oh, how I wish you could! Actually, forget the ginger ale and just come home! You know I always miss you even more when I don't feel good.
Please pray about tomorrow. I hope do exciting things, like get to work and eat and stuff. Lofty goals, indeed!
Love you great bunches,

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